Created by Michel Keustermans, the Cetra d’Orfeo (The Lyre of Orpheus) is an ancient music ensemble whose originality resides in their programmes and the lively manner in which they are presented to the public, making the music accessible to all. This ensemble has been recognized as an official cultural player of the French Community of Belgium. It is composed of a loyal group of artists specialised in interpretations of works from the 15th to the 18th century. The ongoing renewal of their essentially eclectic programming leads the group to be invited regularly to many festivals of Belgium, France, Italy, England, Germany, Luxemburg, Spain, Austria, Turkey, India, and North and South America.

As well as the traditional baroque music, their concerts and shows focus on different sets of themes
that often bring together several artistic disciplines: shows that involves dancers with the choreographer Lieven Baert, actors, jugglers, puppeteers, poetry, painting, illustrations drawn as a live performance.
In 2012, they were invited to play for the official visit of Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde
in Istanbul.

La Cetra has aslo recorded several CD's dedicated to its concert themes.

During the year 2013, La Cetra d’Orfeo has been invited by Edificio at the Solvay Library for 23 concerts, under the Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen.

In November 2014, they were invited for the 20th Istanbul Baroque Festival, in a programme with European and Ottoman baroque music and dance

In the year 2015, La Cetra performmed during the Baroque Festival of Clujs in Rumania and in 2016, our ensemble workedon a new project called Orient Express mixing Baroque music and traditionnal melodies from Turkey and the Balkans.


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Catalogue - Latest creations
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La Cetra d'Orfeo bénéficie du soutien de la Communauté française, direction générale de la culture et de la Province du Brabant Wallon,
de la Région Wallonne, de la Cocof et de la Commune de Braine-le-Château.


















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